AZERBAIJAN STATE ACADEMIC PHILHARMONIC HALL NAMED AFTER MUSLIM MAGOMAYEV. The building of the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic was constructed in 1910-1912 as a "Summer Camp of Public Meetings". After the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan in the 1920s, music lovers began to gather in this building, as well as separately operating ensembles and orchestras. On May 25, 1936, the Philharmonic Society was established in Azerbaijan along with the other Republics of the USSR. Restoration work was carried out in 1936-37. On August 11, 1937, by a decision of the Council of People's Commissars at number 5021, a petition was sent to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) to perpetuate the name of Honored Artist of Arts Muslim Magomedovich Magomayev and confer his name on the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic. There are 7 collective activities in this magnificent concert organization. These include: Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra named after U. Hajibeyli under the leadership of People's Artist Rauf Abdullaev, Azerbaijan State Choir Chapel led by People's Artist Gulbadzhi Imanova, Azerbaijan State Chamber Orchestra named after G.Garayev under the direction of People's Artist Fahraddin Kerimov, Azerbaijan State Song and Dance Ensemble named after F.Amirov, as well as the Azerbaijan State Folk Instruments Instrument, under the leadership of People's Artist Agaverdi Pashayev, Azerbaijan State Piano Trio, Azerbaijan State String Quartet. The Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic is the leading concert organization of the republic, and also plays an important role in the propaganda of classical music. In addition to the concerts of the groups working at the Philharmonic, performances of famous foreign soloists are held here. In 2017 the Philharmonic has been granted the "Academic" status.