The building of the Chamber and Organ Music Hall of the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic plays a special place among the architectural monuments built in Baku. The building with its interesting architectural composition, decorating the capital with its interesting history, is part of the rich culture of Azerbaijan. In the mid-nineteenth century, the flow of people from Germany and Switzerland was observed in Baku in the historical documents, and the oil boom attracted numerous labor force in Azerbaijan. Naturally, the Germans and Swedes living in Baku at that time decided to build their own churches in Baku in order to hold religious ceremonies. The people of Azerbaijan who have been tolerant for centuries have supported the idea. Thus, in March 1896, the foundation of the Gospel-Lutheran Church (Kirchah) was laid in Baku, and in 1899 the religious hearth was put into operation. Built by 24-year-old architect Adolf Eyxler, this building occupies a special place among architectural pearls in Baku during that period. It should be noted that the Nobel brothers also support the construction of the church, and Emmanuel Nobel, together with the governor of Baku, also attended the opening ceremony. In 1900, the body was installed in the church and the first concert was organized. In the Soviet era, along with many other religious sites, the activity of Kirchah was suspended, and for some time the destruction of this historic building was in danger. In subsequent years, the building is renamed to the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall, named after the Chamber and Organ Music Hall by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers. Naturally, it could not have left its mark in this building. The ceiling of the building, which had been neglected for many years, was almost useless. It was impossible to hold any event here due to unlucky walls, obsolete furniture, inventory and other similar reasons. The capital repair and restoration work was initiated in 2010 at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan about the repair and restoration of the Chamber and Organ Music Hall of the Azerbaijan State Academic Philharmonic, 1 million manats were allocated from the Reserve Fund for these purposes with special attention and care for cultural values. The work carried out within a few months changed the fate of the building - the Azerbaijani specialists gave a new breath to the building, carrying out the repair and restoration work, preserving the unique architectural style, historical and architectural composition of the cultural monument. Particular attention was paid to acoustics of the building, one of the most beautiful examples of traditional German gothic architecture. In addition, the ventilation system was installed for the first time, and the specialists invited from abroad restored the body. The first musical piece performed here in the body 110 years ago was Johann Sebastian Bach, Re minor Tokkatası.